Are you in West Virginia, Ohio or Pennsylvania?

Do you need a high-quality TRUE custom-built truck?
A truck that meets your needs ?
Do you NOT want a package deal special from a HiPressure SalesRep?
Do you want to visit the shop and see progress?
Do you have lots of equipment you want professionally mounted?
Do you want to be able to make a change if needed?

Contact for assistance.
We work with a shop in western Pennsylvania that produces high quality STAINLESS STEEL and ALUMINUM trucks. You NAME it and we CAN DO IT!!!!

"The bitter taste of poor quality work
after the sweet, but fleeting taste of a low price"

HOSE TESTING. The technicians come to your station, unload, test, and re-load your trucks. Ladder testing also. Email for more details.

THOROGOOD 14" LEATHER pull-on style BOOTS $239.00


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